HJK International Trading Co LLC.

Darbar General Trading LLC. was formed in year 2000 in Dubai, UAE.The company specialized in Auto Accessories, Auto spare parts, and reexported products to Russia, CIS countries, Saudi Arabia & Eastern European countries in its own Brands and customer OEM brands.The vast knowledge of products helped the owners of the company to supply high-quality products to customers and satisfy their demands.The company later expanded in other files of trading including LED lightings, Aluminium Foils, Electronic Items, Plastic Furniture & Tents.The company is quite professional in arranging third port shipments, in the inspection of products at the factory level and handling documents.Dubai being a central logistics hub, the shipments are handled very fast and in a professional manner to avoid any delays.Today the company handles more than 5000 items and has regular shipments.   

Contact: HJK International Trading Co LLC,

Al Shams, Sharjah, UAE

E-mail: hjkinternational8@gmail.com Tel: +971558840561

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